Professional Profile

Maya Frost is an American writer, educator and parenting coach.

She wrote a book (published by Random House/Crown in May 2009) about how to completely avoid the angst and expense of the traditional hyper-competitive path to college and get a great global education without spending a fortune.  The Boston Globe calls it “funny, innovative and meaningful–a how-to guide with heart.”

Learn more about Maya’s book, The New Global Student:  Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education

Maya has been exploring opportunities to live abroad since spending her senior year in college in nine Asian countries. After spending five years in Japan and fifteen years in the United States (with a sabbatical in India and Nepal), Maya moved with her husband–and four teenage daughters–to Mexico for a year and then to Buenos Aires, Argentina for three years.  With their four daughters launched, Maya and her husband spent a year on a farm in rural Uruguay, then traveled in Asia for several months before settling in Beijing, China.  She is currently serving as the vice principal of a group of private English-immersion kindergartens and working as a parent coach and education consultant with clients around the world.

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